We Can And We Must

We Can And We Must

Since 2003, composer Jason Wampler and Ryan Ingebritsen have developed and honed a new and innovative style of electronic improvisation using creative signal routing and processing to simultaneously manipulate sound as two parts of a single unit. They have developed a performance practice that has been the experimental basis for much of Ingebritsen’s concert work over the last 8 years. Located half in Chicago and half in Beijing China, We Can and We Must continue to give performances around the globe. They have released three records and continue to produce a semi-regular podcast. Listen to the Podcast

Ryan Ingebritsen: Chicago Co-ordination, sound design.



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Elementary Princess of Evil

Elementary Princess of Evil

Duo of Erica Dicker (violins) and Ryan Ingebritsen (electronics)

Improvised electronic music influenced by the dark forces that linger behind the eyes of every human being plunging into the ears of those around them.



Discopolopera is a Polish Discopolo Band consisting of Irish American Singer/”Sopngwriter Kerry Kenny and composer Ryan Ingebritsen with help from Polish percussionist Tomek Chołoniewski.  It was born from an opera project in 2003 with a scenario by Sławomir Schuty and words and music by Kenny and Ingebritsen and incidental music by Ingebritsen.  It focused on Polish discopolo music and culture.  The opera had only one performance.  Some called it “the most important event in the last decade in Krakow” while others thought it simply perverse and rambling.  However, the songs featured during the opera were immortalized in a recording produced by Shannon Fields (Stars Like Fleas, Leverage Models) in Brooklyn NY and the duo of Kenny and Ingebritsen have kept the dream alive.



Charles Waters Reeds, Andrew Barker Drums, Shannon Fields Guitars, Missy Mazzolli Keyboards, Dan Peck Tuba, Ryan Ingebritsen

A collaboration with New York based jazz musicians, composers, and indie pop musicians working with interactive tools to create an assemblage of genre and musical personality.