Layered Sound Live Performance April 16th 2018 Melanie Brown and Ryan Ingebritsen from ryan ingebritsen on Vimeo.

A Collaboration with painter Melaine Brown in which an amplified canvas is mutually painted and sonically transformed in front of an audience to create a temporal experience that results in a static object.   For more information on Melanie and her paintings, visit her website.

3 Singers from ryan ingebritsen on Vimeo.

A Multi-Media Technopera for 3 Singers, 3 Singer sewing machines, X-box Kinect controllers and other motion capture technology inside a 3 dimensional audio-visual environment.  Focusing on female textile workers form several different time periods throughout history, the work premiered in Krakow, Poland at Cricoteka, the Tadeusz Kantor Museum in 2014 and in Chicago at the National Museum for Health and Medicine in 2015.



A collaboration between Chicago based composers/ sound artists Kyle Vegter, Ryan Ingebritsen, and Daniel Dehaan.  Using custom built software and a complex, multi-channel speaker system they create unique and intuitive three dimensional sound spatialization systems, specifically tuned to the acoustic nuances of the space they are in and curate and create works of sound art and site specific live performance.

Ryan Ingebritsen: Chicago Co-ordination, sound design.

Song Path

Song Path

A guided listening hike through a pre-determined space outdoor public space. Originally commissioned by the Minnesota State Parks and the McKnight Foundation for Banning and Whitewater State Parks in Minnesota 2010. Future performances in the works for Vermont, Wiekiczka Salt Mines near Krakow, Poland, and Downtown Chicago.



An ongoing collaboration with Polish Composer Marek Choloniewski who has been the main composer and author of GPS-trans since 1999. An audio/visual map of a host city played by a car driving around that city with a GPS unit sending location data to a central server where the audience experienced a transformation in tie and space of a drive around the city. Various iterations in Chicago and Krakow as well as other cities since 2001.