Ingebritsen’s site-specific sound installations have ranged from installations in public gardens with live performers to children’s playgrounds where the kids themselves generated a sound world through their energetic activity.  His installation work focuses on first person interaction creating an experience for the audience that is participatory, ofthen utilizing similar interactive process as in his concert works and live performances.


Upcoming installation O’re the Body E’re the Land previewed at In the Realm of Senses Opening.  

O’retheBodyE’reTheLand at ITROS November 2018 from ryan ingebritsen on Vimeo.

Sonic Playground: A multi-channel interactive installation for children’s playground premiered in Addison Athletic Field in Chicago.   Time out Review

Your Reaction to this Work: A 5 channel installation installed at Jennifer Norback fine art Gallery.  4 microphones located in the space picked up the sound of gallery patrons walking around the space and talking and their noise triggered synthesized sounds.  The nature of the reactive sound changed over the course of each day.  It premiered as a part of an Ellsworth Snyder exhibit at the gallery and was inaugurated by a performance by Anaphora Ensemble.