Mycelial:  Street Parliament (2018)

A multi-year collaboration with Erica Mott Productions.  Soundscore created in collaboration with Egyptian electronic composer Ahmed Saleh.

Erica Mott Productions_ MYCELIAL_ Street Parliament from Erica Mott on Vimeo.

Score devised around an emotional analysis of the #egypt twitter feed.  Ceiling mounted cameras are used to drive the visual score based on performer movement as well as control aspects of the sound score in real time in reaction to the body.  Cell phone apps devised for audience interaction by Tony Reimer and John Toenjes.  Camera systems developed by Hugh Sato.

Light Hand (2018)

In collaboration with Synapse Arts and choreographer Rachel Damen.

Light Hand excerpts from Synapse Arts on Vimeo.

8 speakers, 1 imbedded in the costume of each dancer, transmit an 8 channel sound score made up entirely a solo cello playing all 8 parts.  Each of 8 vignettes features a different dancer as lead and then remnants of each vignette linger and intermingle with subsequent vignettes to create a musical tapestry like the ones the dancers move within.


Five Gaits, Four Walls, Fourteen Knots Image

Cowboys and Vikings Trilogy

Erica Mott, Choreography and Conception

This work is an exploration of cowboy culture and music of the American southwest in conflagration with Icelandic cowboy culture and folk music. Images of isolation and loneliness contrast the beauty of the natural visual and sound environment.

Dance for the Camera Version o Cowboys and Vikings


Victory Project Image

The Victory Project

Northerly Island, October 2011 Erica Mott, Choreography and ConceptionAn Explorations in sound and movement of the female form as a symbol of victory in war through historical research of our modern warfare history as well as images from antiquity and visions of our future.


Revised and Revisited Image

Revised and Revisited

Dance Film, part of the Pop-up Art Galleries, Fall of 2010
Erica Mott, Choreography and Dance
Nadia Ousenko, Direction and Videography

A site-specific installation, dance, and visual theater performance excavating Mott’s lineage and themes of loss, silence, and how these reside within the body.

Revised and Revisited from Erica Mott on Vimeo.

Other Projects:

n Print with Erica Mott (2008)

Mo(ve)Ment with Ginger Farley (2005)

Transilient Tribes with Ginger Farley (2003)